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Founded in 2007, Anna Maria is the first fish company in the United States to produce sustainable American Bottarga -- the sun-cured roe of Grey-Striped Mullet. We are located on the central gulf coast of Florida in the Cortez Fishing Village, which has had a long fishing tradition and abundance of mullet since the late 1700s. Now the water surrounding Cortez and Anna Maria island are known for the finest and cleanest grey mullet. For decades, the grey mullet roe was exported to Europe and Asia to be processed, until Anna Maria Fish Company started its own tradition of producing the highest quality bottarga and seafood domestically, to honor the island and the community of local fishermen. Our fishermen conduct the process from beginning to end, netting the fish and harvesting the roe before curing, drying, and packaging the bottarga.
As a result, we are offering the freshest, most natural American Bottarga.

In production since November 2007.